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Whether you're interested in personal training, yoga, menstrual cycle coaching, or attending an ALIGN retreat, my approach remains the same:

Love yourself and the rest will come.

Contact me with your goals and availability. From there, we can set up a free consultation online or in-person at Club Ten24 in Fort Collins.


Who I help:

  • women who are ready to level up and reach their fitness goals via cyclical alignment

  • people of all genders and adult ages who want to build strength, alter their body composition, improve flexibility + functionality 

  • those recovering from injuries who have approval from their physician 

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Where do you train?

My services are available:

-at Club Ten24 in Fort Collins, CO off Taft and Drake (gym membership NOT required to train with me!)

-in approved outdoor areas in Fort Collins

-online via Zoom


How does personal training, private yoga sessions, and cyclical coaching work?

Whether you're located in Fort Collins or somewhere else in the US, I have you covered. Personal training and private yoga sessions are available in monthly and 90-day packages. Cyclical coaching is typically only offered as a 90-day program.

How can I attend a yoga class? What fees are associated?

Yoga classes are offered in Rogers Park in Fort Collins and online via Zoom. All yoga classes are free/donation-based. ALIGN Yoga Retreats vary by cost dependent on location and inclusions. Send me an email or submit a contact form to learn more or get registered!

What makes Anastasia Brooke Fitness different from other training programs?

I do not support a one-size-fits-all approach to fitness. Personalization via assessments for everyone are essential and my skills as a certified Menstrual Cycle Coach are key when it comes to training menstruating, peri-menopausal, and menopausal women. Included with monthly personal training packages is a customized workout plan with accountability + support. If you just want to show up and hammer out your workout, that's okay, too! For some people, a plan and accountability makes a huge difference. Submit a contact form to book a free consultation to discuss the best option for you.

What people are saying about Anastasia Brooke Fitness


I love working with Anastasia Brooke Fitness! She makes working out fun and enjoyable! She tailors your workout to best fit your needs and the equipment that you have on hand. After working with her for a little over a month I am already seeing tremendous gains! 10/10 recommend! She is so good at what she does!

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